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Autumn is Here by tabby-like-a-cat Autumn is Here :icontabby-like-a-cat:tabby-like-a-cat 341 24 Digital Love by tabby-like-a-cat Digital Love :icontabby-like-a-cat:tabby-like-a-cat 316 44
What do all the Doctors think of River?
(Author's Note: It's best to read this with each Doctor's different voice in mind.)
It was one of those times when all the Doctors met, they'd established "Contact" to bring all of themselves up to speed, but, somehow, the subject had drifted onto River. It was probably 11's fault.
One: She's quite a lively girl...
Two:  Spry...
Three: Energetic...
Four: Mad...
Five: Rash...
Six: Outrageous...
Seven: Crafty...
Eight: Determined...
Nine: Annoying...
Ten: A Know-it-All...
Eleven smiled in his head, nodding at the cantankerous voices. "I'm glad we all agree...
"She's perfect for us."
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 25 5
Between Fairytales and Happy Endings by Mao-Ookaneko Between Fairytales and Happy Endings :iconmao-ookaneko:Mao-Ookaneko 87 2 WHY?! by The-Wizard-of-Art WHY?! :iconthe-wizard-of-art:The-Wizard-of-Art 687 85 Armin by Klodia13 Armin :iconklodia13:Klodia13 70 9 Who let the dogs kill titans by BritishStarr Who let the dogs kill titans :iconbritishstarr:BritishStarr 309 16
Quit Looking at Me
River sighed heavily and stared at him.
Eventually the Doctor stopped chattering and fiddling with the controls and looked at her.
"Why are you staring at me?"
She just sighed, and shook her head, and stared at him.
He stood up straight and pulled his hands in. "Quit staring at me."
"Why, sweetie?"
"Because, because, If you don't, I'll do something." He edged away from her.
"Like what?" she asked, tilting her head, honestly intrigued.
"Quit staring at me!" He edged his way around to the other side of the console. "I'm warning you," he pointed a finger at her as she slowly followed him. "I'll, I'll, I'll materialize somewhere very cold!"
Her eyebrows popped up. "And?"
He scuttled away from her again and pointed at her through the rotor. "And very wet!" he threatened.
"And then what?" she advanced toward him and he flinched sideways, practically turning his whole body away from her.
"And then I shall jump in it!" he declared.
She grinned. "How will that stop m
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 33 14
She Makes Me Smile - (Doctor/River)
Why did he always feel a big grin inside whenever she appeared?
She makes me smile.
Why? Why did he always feel like smiling when he saw her? She was smug, irritating, and annoying. She was always getting him into trouble. She was impossible and a show-off. She would never answer questions and she knew that drove him up the wall.
So why did he always feel a big grin inside whenever she appeared? She was loud, she was brash, she carried a gun! She had that damned eyebrow thing going on!
But she had those lips. And that hair. And he had the most insane urge to just grab her, she was so soft he just wanted to squish her. She made him tingle.
She'd walk around his home in her bare feet! When had bare feet become erotic?
She could fly his Tardis! Not that that was really all that hard. He'd dumbed down the controls a long time ago. Not that he'd tell her that, he liked having skin.
And she was in contact with his Tardis, and that really got under his skin!
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 47 8
Putting on the Ritz
River Song is wearing a tux...
“I’m ready when you are, Sweetie!” River called from the top of the stairs, she was pulling on a pair of white gloves.
The Doctor looked up and almost swallowed his tongue. River was wearing a tux.
His ears got hot, his eyes felt like they were bugging out, and he was getting cold chills.
She was wearing his top hat, the one from Amy and Rory’s wedding. He loved that hat, it wasn’t a regular stovepipe hat but was slightly short and flared out a bit at the top, it had character.
It looked fantastic perched on River’s curls.
His eyes involuntarily slid lower. She grinned and twirled for him, the tails flaired out, giving a whole new definition of “tails.”
No tux was ever meant to hold that many curves. She definitely filled it out better than he did.
“Uh!” His tongue seemed to have stopped working.
She bounced down the stairs, eyes bright, his white scarf flipping flirtily over her chest.
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 45 10
How to Draw People Kissing by markcrilley How to Draw People Kissing :iconmarkcrilley:markcrilley 4,873 512 SPOILER - River by inkandstardust SPOILER - River :iconinkandstardust:inkandstardust 343 16
Grunt - (River/Doctor)
One thing married couples have to do, is learn to interpret each other's grunts...
River pulled down the sheet that covered her face and looked up, bleary-eyed, at the Doctor looming over her in her cell.
"Unh!" She glared at him.
"Did you just grunt at me?" he asked.
She grunted again.
The Doctor grinned like a little boy who'd just discovered his dog could talk. He bounced on his toes and beamed at her. She gave him a dirty look and scrubbed her hands over her weary face and into her tangled hair.
Resigned, she flung aside her prison issue blanket and swung her feet to the floor. She sat up, then hunched over with her face in her hands.
"What do you want, Sweetie?" she asked, trying not to sound as disgusted as she felt.
"Grunt again," he said.
She stared up at him over her fingers. "What?"
He bounced, beaming. "Grunt again. It's cute!"
River groaned into her hands and rocked slightly, finally rocking herself to her feet.
She poked a sharp-tipped fingernail in his chest. "I a
:iconbetawhofic:Betawhofic 67 12
It seems to me he's a twister,
and a little bit sinister.
He's a whore.
I'd say a manipulator
who likes to cater
his hatred to your door.
I should've guessed this he'd do...
But why to somebody like you?
He did this to Her, wiped her best friend away.
Turned them against each other. Burned the whole relationship like Hay.
Ungrateful Bastard...
:iconshadowtopaz:ShadowTopaz 1 0
A dear friend~ by ChakaTheLemur A dear friend~ :iconchakathelemur:ChakaTheLemur 1 2



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I love art, I love color, I love... creativity. I like to write, I try to draw... I should draw more, and I should write more sometimes. I get sad when I read something of mine and know that I could do better... And sometimes I am depressed, and I don't write nor draw because I know it will only depress me more. Depression is something constant in my world nowadays. And yet I see it as a normal phase, and try to overcome it. There are days and days, each different.

I change this thing every time I read it... Cause I'm always changing my point of view, my ideals, my personality is just forming... That can be seen in my drawings and writing I think... Feel free to give me opinions and critiques ^^


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